RDV, IIT Delhi- Join and Have a blast

Rendezvous ­ iit delhi
(join karo…aur masti karo!)
Formal shoes..ties..suits…classes…internals! OMG!
Can life get any better? Yes it can. IIT DELHI presents RENDEZVOUS  2014, a culfest which tests the students’ streak of luck, forte, the  zeal to participate and their passion for success. The four day fest from Oct 17 to Oct 20 parades unlimited events both competitive and  informal, with the ultimate outcome: masti.The fest has organised umpteen informal events over the years including Go­Karting, Couple Dance and what not! This year’s events include:
BURP: Mirchi presents “KING OF RENDEZVOUS”. With tongues screaming for  water, eyes flowing , ears smoking, Mirchi invites the daredevils out there to devour the spiciest meals to become the king.Would you dare?
Coke Badshah: Love gulping down cans of coke? Well.. What are you waiting for? Get your bellies ready..the cans are waiting here!
Gol Gappa: Paani Poori, Ghopcha…uff..so many names.Yet they make your mouths ‘O’pen.Recreating memories as you gulp them down, show the world  who’s the best.
RENDEZVOUS’ GOT TALENT : Do you have a talent that sets you apart? Rendezvous’ Got talent, a  unique effort to recognize and reward some of the best talent in the  college circuit. Just upload a 60 sec video of your content, get  noticed by the team of judges and get set to showcase your talent to  the huge Rendezvous’ crowd.
KHOJ : How can there be a fest without  a treasure hunt? Khoj will bring the Sherlock Holmes hidden inside you!Solve the clues, look  for the Desi connection in them, trust your analytical and Jugaad  skills! The treasure at the end is sure to leave you bewitched.
ADHOORI KAHAANI : As  Pablo Picasso rightly said, “Everything you  can imagine is real.”, this event makes you portray your vivid  imagination,creativity,and uniqueness. Complete the incomplete pictures and win amazing prizes.
KHATRON KE KHILADI : Adventure Zones: If you have the courage to get shot, to manoeuvre a  crazy bull and to clash zorbs..then this is the right place for  you.Adventure Zones promise you the thrill of your life time!
Races : Remember running to the beat of music? Running with a lemon
in the spoon ? Join IIT Delhi to rewind the past.  A nostalgic event  that is sure to bring memories rushing to your mind.
COSPLAY : A fashion show! For all those ardent fans of fashion out  there, Cosplay is your platform. Dress up in the traditional “DESI”  way and stun the judges and the crowd with your uniqueness and  brilliance.
The Jugheads,Smart Alecs,Steve Irwins and the  Cleopatras….register yourselves at  https://rendezvous­ iitd.com/.Explore the talent in you. Good luck to the participants!
Update credit: Aarudhra

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